Baldwin M Grand Piano Walnut Satin

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This is a Baldwin manufactured at a peak period for Baldwin’s quality. In fact, it was designed jointly with Bechstein, the great German company. Better than that, in 1971 when this piano was built the Cincinnati factory had an incredibly high standard of workmanship. The 5’ 2” model M stands alone as one of the great pianos of its size. Unlike Steinway and other baby grand pianos, from the top register down to the lowest bass notes, there is a richness that is rare to find in a baby grand. The action is also on a level suitable for the most advanced player. When being played, you can impart expression for the most gentle pianissimo to a raging fortissimo always rewarding you with a clean, yet warm sound – a rare combination to find in any piano, much less a baby grand. The finish is a classic walnut sprayed lacquer that has been hand rubbed and is in excellent condition. If you need a top-notch instrument yet are limited in space, this instrument will serve you well.

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