We appraise pianos, guitars and LP Collections for the purposes of resale, insurance claims and estate distribution. Please call to schedule an appointment (703-534-0200.

Orpheus provides a comprehensive appraisal service based on our extensive experience and knowledge of the retail and wholesale markets. Our appraisals include three key factors needed to understand the worth of your property: 

  • Wholesale Value 

  • Retail (Fair Market) Value 

  • Replacement Value 


    Many piano appraisals are offered by technicians, restoration experts or online appraisers. These appraisals are based upon standard pricing books that do not reflect the actual market value of your instrument or what it would cost to replace your property. Our appraisals are based upon years of experience buying and selling pianos for the largest and oldest piano retailer in the U.S. as well as a lifetime of buying and selling LPs and vintage guitars. Formerly, our buyer served at the Director, Used Piano Division for Jordan Kitts Music, the areas oldest and largest piano retailer. 

    When selecting an appraiser, be sure to ask several key questions to help you understand your appraisers market knowledge: 

    Are you certified by a nationally recognized organization? 

    How much experience do you have buying and selling verses repairing or maintaining? 

    Do you have produce ASA compliant appraisals (accepted by insurance companies)? 

    Where does your pricing information come from?

    Can you provide a sample appraisal so that I know what I will receive? 


    Our rates include an on-site inspection to determine condition. We do not offer online or telephone appraisals (don't even ask!).

    Musical Instruments:
    Standard Appraisal: $175 plus mileage 
    Insurance Appraisal: $250 plus mileage 
    Court Testimony: Call for quote
    Rush Service: $100 (24 hour turn around) 
    Record Collections: 
    Appraisal costs are based upon the type of records, number of albums and genres. Please call for a quote.


    Typically, the inspection is scheduled within two to three business days and requires an onsite inspection lasting 30 minute to an hour. After the inspection is complete, appraisals are typically delivered within five business days. If you have an urgent need, such as insurance claims or court testimony, please inquire about rush service. 


    "Charles Albert came to my home to appraise my 1955 Baldwin baby grand and I was pleasantly astonished at the depth of knowledge that the man possesses about pianos. Not only was he knowledgeable, but he was prompt, curteous and extremely helpful. I would highly recommend him to anyone who has any type of questions about pianos." 

         Renee M