Yamaha C3 Anniversary Edition Bubinga Finish

$ 39,999.00
$ 88,400.00

Here is one of the most beautiful and rarest pianos you will ever come across. A 2001 Yamaha C3 anniversary edition in African Bubinga finish, one of just ten made. For starters, the Yamaha C3 is one of the best-selling grand pianos in the world. This example is seductively warm and rich with a little bit of chiming to its tone, yet it gives up little in terms of inner detail and openness. Perhaps its most notable strength is a dynamic energy in the upper bass and lower treble regions that can fully resolve even the trickiest passages. The attention to detail in the regulation process that is essential to a grand piano's superior tone is given special emphasis in this instrument. Our technicians spent countless hours perfecting the hammers, strings, and the balance of the damping mechanism, with the final goal of rendering each and every note faithful to the intentions of the pianist. Ideal for the serious player or performer, the minute you lay hands on it you know, you just know, that this is the one for you. The real star here however is the Bubinga finish. Featuring exquisitely bookmarked veneer and with none of the yellow-orange tones that some of them can exhibit, this one leans to the darker rosewood side of the color pallet and if you stare at it long enough is almost hypnotic. The flame is the deepest and richest we have ever seen with canyons of color that seem to undulate and move before your eyes. Photos can’t really do it justice it must be seen to be appreciated. Maybe the best example of the art of cabinetry ever made. One of our techs said it best, “it is a piece of sculpture that just happens to have a great piano inside of it.” Includes a matching carved leg padded top bench. 

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