Steinway A Grand Piano Ebony Satin

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Here is a rare one, a 2006 Steinway model A in ebony satin livery. All Steinway’s have their own character and personalities and this one is a little different from most. Warm, rich and lyric as opposed to loud and brassy, this Steinway possesses a vast palette of tonal color that allows the finest timbral distinctions to rise to the forefront. Each note is portrayed with a lush expressiveness that appears to hang in the air for just an instant longer, while the resonance from the soundboard is fuller and more present. There is a starry tinkle to the upper-octave arpeggios and more weight to the bass chords. Dynamics are wide open, not piercing or aggressive, but incisive in the manner of only the best grand pianos. At 6’ 2” in size it is about as big as is practical in most homes but is still quite the statement piece for the serious player. Includes the original adjustable Steinway artist bench. Fresh from a complete regulation, voicing and tuning job performed by master technician Nate Taylor (who would be happy to discuss its tonal traits with you) and having had its pretty little lacquer hide laboriously rubbed out by hand, it is truly a masterpiece to be passed down from one generation to another. Clearly one that must be experienced in person, only then will you really know. New these are almost $90K so here is a great opportunity for someone but you are going to have to act fast or it will be gone!

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