Kawai GS-70 Grand Piano Ebony Polish

$ 17,999.00
$ 80,195.00

One of Kawai’s rivals to the formidable Yamaha C7 model, this is truly an extraordinary piano. At 7'5" the GS-70 combines the stately presence of a classic concert grand with an exquisite clarity of tone unmatched by other pianos in its class. With a rich history of international acclaim, the GS-70 is the popular choice for homes, schools, churches and teaching studios. It offers superb tonal depth and resonance to suit a variety of musical situations, and a graceful beauty that will add ambiance to any home, studio, or performance venue. Completely built in Japan in 1988 by Kawai’s senior technicians it has a rich, powerful tone and a tremendous bass register. The highly respected GS series Kawai grand pianos were produced to compete with Yamaha’s Conservatory or “C” series grands. It is big so don’t try and put it in a small room but give it room to breathe and look out! There are some teachers and pianists who still believe the GS series has never been equaled by Kawai, even by the current high-end Kawai GX-series. The GS-70 closely resembles the current Kawai GX-7, which has a new list price of $80,195! At our price it is a steal and would make any advanced player, church or school incredibly happy. Whole lot of bang for very little buck here but don’t dawdle because these never, ever last for long in this kind of condition!

All Orpheus Music Group pianos receive a great deal of care and attention during the preparation process managed by three separate teams of specialists to ensure each piano looks and sounds its best before it is offered for sale. Each team treats the instruments as if it were coming into their own home! For more details, check out our piano preparation process.

Orpheus Music Group piano deliveries still use specialized piano boards and heavy duty pads and covers to protect your piano and floors instead of cheap wooden dollies. Free delivery within 25 miles of 22046 (5 total stairs) is included in all piano prices.

We ask that you schedule a time to come in and hear the difference in our pianos. To schedule an appointment, please call Charles at (703)-534-0200 or email us at charles@orpheusmusicgroup.com.

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