Baldwin R Walnut Satin

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If you are looking for a hand-crafted, American made piano with an enormous sound but a reasonable price tag then this Baldwin R may be just the ticket. Built in 1993 during Baldwin’s golden age when they were considered to be the equal of any Steinway, this R is warm, rich, woody and hugely resonant but also possesses a clear, clean, bell-like upper register. Loud as a cannon when pressed upon but delicate as quicksilver when you back off it, this is a prime example of the “American” sound from the heyday of USA piano building. At 5’8” it is nicely sized but plays much bigger, so don’t try and put it in a small room where it can be overwhelming, but give it enough space to sing and it will put a big ol’ grin on your face. Finished in a rich walnut satin with a matching duet bench, this piano is the most bang for the buck that I have seen lately. Just fully regulated, voiced and tuned by one of the area’s top piano techs. Due to its quality and size it will go fast, so come one, come all and try playing a real instrument from the days when America was home to the world’s premier manufactures of pianos!

All Orpheus Music Group pianos receive a great deal of care and attention during the preparation process managed by three separate teams of specialists to ensure each piano looks and sounds its best before it is offered for sale. Each team treats the instruments as if it were coming into their own home! For more details, check out our piano preparation process.

Orpheus Music Group piano deliveries still use specialized piano boards and heavy duty pads and covers to protect your piano and floors instead of cheap wooden dollies. Free delivery within 25 miles of 22046 (5 total stairs) is included in all piano prices.

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