With decades of experience, we deliver exceptional customer service in all aspects of our business. 100% positive feedback from our customers!


Thanks to Charles and the team at Orpheus Music for an amazing job helping me to select my like-new 2006 Steinway A parlor grand piano. From the accurate eBay listing to the private showroom and wholesale-to-the-public price, Charles made the piano shopping experience personal and enjoyable. If you're in the market for a high-end piano like a late model Steinway, check out Orpheus. Don't waste your time with the big guys who sell at retail and don't prep their pianos properly. Don't scour the earth with private sellers who may or may not have what you want. Just go to Charles. Charles's team does the hard work of finding the right inventory and doing the right prep work. His shop is the real deal when you know what you want and you just can't find it in the right condition and at the right price. Back in music school, I made a promise to myself that one day I would buy a Steinway. Thanks to Orpheus, my dream is now in my living room!
---Tom K

If you are seriously considering buying a piano, this is the place to look! I spent time researching pianos for a while before calling, and I am so glad I called and came by. The store is filled with high quality pianos lovingly refurbished at great prices. We had a great experience purchasing our new (beautiful) piano from Charles at Orpheus. He is extremely knowledgable and good at matching you to the right piano regardless of your price range. He took the time to help my children and I choose just the right piano for our family. Charles also cares deeply about taking proper care of the pianos in his store. The store is set at the perfect temperature and humidity level and the pianos are immaculate and well-cared for. Every detail was handled professionally, from buying to the actual delivery, which was prompt and very well done. Rarely have I experienced the level of customer care we received at Orpheus. I highly recommend this business and believe you will find a great quality piano for a great price.

---Christine R

Orpheus Music is the best piano store in the Northern Virginia/DC area. Superb service, quality and expertise. Ask for Charles and he'll take care of you. Charles has an extensive (and as others here have written) encyclopedic knowledge of pianos and really takes the time to work with you. Charles does a fantastic job in ensuring you walk away with a piano that you love. You can tell as soon as you sit down at the pianos that Orpheus Music is different. The pianos are kept remarkably clean and tuned, with actions that feel fresh and full of life. Each of the pianos have a remarkable personality which makes choosing one a matter of finding which one speaks to you. It's an incredible feeling walking in with a model number and walking out with something you feel connected to. It's just something you don't find anywhere else. If my family can donate another room, I'll definitely be back again.

---Jason K


Our family can’t say enough positive things about our experience with Charles and Orpheus Music. It was clear after speaking with Charles for just a few minutes that he possesses an incredible knowledge and love of pianos and takes great care and pride in his business. Charles spent a significant amount of time speaking with us on the phone and answering our numerous questions about pianos. We have three teens who play regularly so we were curious about Charles’ quest to match people to pianos. He is extremely serious about his goal - we spent about an hour with Charles in his store as he encouraged our teens to play every piano so they could compare the touch and sound of the different instruments. Charles’ commitment to us as a customer did not end with our purchase. He was personally involved in the delivery process and has followed up with us to ensure we continue to be happy with our piano. We appreciate the time and attention Charles has put into making our purchase a positive, pressure-free experience. We also feel very comfortable knowing that if we ever have a question regarding the piano, we can reach out to Charles for immediate advice or assistance.

---Pete & Suzanne F 

If you are looking for a used piano this is the place. Night and day from the typical retail piano store. Charles has an encyclopedic knowledge of pianos and is focused on helping his customers make the right decision on a piano rather than making a quick sale. Charles is meticulous with the care and prep of his pianos; they are all in great shape and at a price it is difficult to find anywhere else, which takes all the worry and hassle out of trying to negotiate a good deal. I imagine I’ll have the piano I bought from Orpheus for some time but if I ever upgrade I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

---Mark T


 Far and away the finest Piano store in the area! The instruments were immaculate and the staff were extremely knowledgeable and professional. From our initial appointment all the way through to the delivery, we received top notch service. We could not be more pleased with our Yamaha grand piano!

---Glen C 

 I just wanted to say thanks and that we are enjoying our new piano! It was a very easy process with Orpheus from decision to delivery. You were unstinting in your time to share advice and information about the instrument’s construction, the preparation process, care and maintenance, and piano student learning process. Your love of pianos is abundantly evident. I appreciate that you were able to arrange delivery so swiftly. It was done very carefully by the team. Thank you again! I will be sure to recommend your company to others.

---Val C


I can't get over how lucky I was to find Orpheus Music Group during my search for a used upright piano. They went above and beyond to make sure the piano I bought was in excellent condition. During the preparation process, after I had already expressed strong interest in the piano, the technician discovered additional maintenance that needed to be taken care of. Charles not only fixed the immediate problem, but had the technician replace the part for all the strings. He foresaw that the piano would need maintenance in just a few years, and wanted to ensure the quality of my piano for decades to come.

His commitment to restoring beautiful, high-quality pianos is unparalleled in the used piano business. Other showrooms I visited had only dusty, scratched pianos in my price range. Orpheus Music clearly cares deeply about selling pianos that are high quality and in excellent condition. My Yamaha P2 Upright is exactly what I was hoping to find in every way. I love playing it and look forward to my kids learning to play on this beautiful instrument.  It has dramatically increased the beauty of our home. To anyone looking to be a used piano, don't go anywhere else!

---Carly C

Had a wonderful experience purchasing our piano from Orpheus Music. Buying a used piano can be a daunting task. After doing some research and seeing Orpheus' pianos in person, I had no doubt that they are offering great value on all types of pianos. Charles had in-depth knowledge and answered all of my questions (I've been playing for 30 years, so I was picky). All of their pianos are restored METICULOUSLY, inside and out. Our piano is 15 years old, but looks brand new and sounds just like the original. Delivery was handled on schedule and professionally. Overall, this is a well-run business with hard-to-find value and great customer service. I would recommend Orpheus Music to anyone looking for a high quality piano at a fair price.

---E Choi

I would like to thank Charles at Orpheus Music Group for a perfect transaction on an incredible condition vintage McIntosh MR-78 Tuner. His description, knowledge of the product and promotion of this tuner was impeccable. His pre and post purchase support was outstanding. He went out of his way to make sure I was comfortable with both the product and the purchase process. I highly recommend Charles and his company, Orpheus Music Group.

 ---John S

Quality and peace of mind – that’s what we found buying a Kawai GE-1 grand piano from Charles. After searching everywhere, we finally found Orpheus Music Group online, made an appointment with Charles and discovered what we were looking for, a top quality piano for what we wanted to spend. The Kawai came in quite impressive condition - no visible wear or tear- clean and polished to where it appeared new. The sound was crisp and warm and all of the parts in top shape.

We had been searching for two months for a quality baby grand and had gone to a number of other dealers and tried both new and used pianos; Charles' piano came in head and shoulders above others in both quality and price. Most importantly, Charles made the buying experience stress and pressure free. Rather than pressuring us into buying, he spent the time to educate us about the ins and outs of different types of pianos; different makes and brands and the history of all of builders. He apprised us of the pros and cons of each so we understood what we were buying and made feel at ease up to when we finally decided to purchase. The delivery crew was incredible; very careful and conscientious. I was even able to get my piano the same day that we bought it! I am very happy and satisfied with my purchase as well as the experience with buying a grand piano from Orpheus Music!

---L. Nguyen

Dealing with someone with a genuine passion doesn't happen often. But I was fortunate to have purchased audio equipment from Charles Albert. My amplifier was a special piece of equipment -- but not expensive. Throughout his showroom were amps, speakers, turntables, CD players and even cables worth more than I was spending. It might have been a quick listen and "thank you very much" transaction. But Charles treated me like I'm sure he treats all his customers. He educated me before I left, and offered to answer any follow-up question (which he has). Highly recommended!

---Graeme L.

I'd like to thank you for your extraordinary efforts during my recent purchase or your Wilson Audio Maxx 3 loudspeakers. The speakers were exactly as described and your assistance in getting them to me safely cannot be understated. The experience was flawless from start to finish. 

Would I use you again? Absolutely. Feel free to use me as a reference. 

--Gregory T.

We purchased a Boston UP-118S piano from Charles and were very pleased with his friendly, no-pressure sales approach. From the outset, it was clear that Charles was about much more than making a sale. He spent hours with us talking about the merits of different piano brands. He treated our 14 yr-old son as an equal and invited him to try out a wide range of makes and models. Afterwards, he coaxed impressions of each piano from our son, helping him to discover which pianos he felt most comfortable with.

Unlike many piano stores, Charles is not affiliated with any one piano maker, which allows him to speak freely and honestly about the pros and cons of each make and model. His encyclopedic knowledge of piano construction and care helped us to make a fully informed decision when we were ready to make a purchase. We recommend Charles without reservation. When it comes time to purchase another piano Charles will be our one and only stop!

--- Richard & Laura P

 It was a real pleasure meeting with Charles. He is extremely enthusiastic person and he and his crew made the entire process of selling my Steinway piano as easy and painless as could be. He came right over and wrote me a check on the spot and his delivery team got the piano out of my home that day! I want to thank you very, very much and if anyone is looking to sell their piano do not hesitate to call Charles right away.

--- Katherine C.

 I am so happy with my recently purchased Boston UP-118S piano! It sounds like a new piano and looks like one, too. I knew from the beginning of my search that I wanted this particular piano. However, I wasn't familiar with any of the local sellers of pianos. Online I found three dealers who had this piano - two in MD and one in VA. I made an appointment in VA first because it was closer to my home. Also, the piano was newer than the others and less expensive. As it turned out, I didn't bother to look at the others.

We met Charles Albert at his workshop. He's a very friendly man and is as piano-savvy as anyone I've ever met. He wants his customers to be satisfied and offers some nice incentives (Free delivery and a five year warranty). The Boston piano was sitting there in his climate-controlled workshop and he explained what his technicians had done to refurbish it since it was ten years old. I asked a lot of questions, and he answered them fully.

I played the piano and knew immediately that it was meant for me. Charles' piano movers brought the piano to my home just a few days later. They were extremely careful getting it off the truck and situated in my home. I do not hesitate to recommend Orpheus Music Group and Charles Albert unreservedly. If you are in the market for a piano you should really give him a call!

--- Rowena H.

The purchase of our Boston GP-178 piano was a very pleasant experience. Charles and Orpheus Music know the industry very well and answered all of our questions. They make you feel more like a friend than a customer. The piano itself looks and sounds wonderful. Their attention to detail in preparing the piano for purchase did not go unnoticed. It looks and feels like a brand new instrument. We are very pleased with Orpheus and Charles and will recommend them to anyone seeking out a quality piano!

--- Belva B.

Thanks so much for the care and attention to detail in all aspects of this transaction. It's very clear you are an archivist and are doing all you do because you care. You and your team are clearly experts, as you left no detail unchecked -- right down to the incredibly thoughtful and sturdy shipping. The privilege, and fun, of playing such a rare (and properly restored!) turntable such as the Empire 498. Well, let's just start with awesome and take it from there! I have played original 1500 and 4000 series Blue Notes on the table, through a Cary SLI80 and on into a pair of restored Bozak 302s. The music has wonderful weight and throw -- room filling, immersive and nicely focused. Those meaty plates give a lot of throw to things! It's super fun. An exceptional "plug and play" experience brought right to our front door. Top to bottom an expert true experts...who clearly care about the items in question as much as you'd hope. That's a big deal these days! Thank you!

--- Bill C

Thank you for a superb experience, Charles! We appreciate the time and attention you gave to us as we searched for a baby grand piano for our daughter. We especially appreciated you making yourself available for our daughter to try out several pianos and help her select the best one for her. Your insight and expertise were invaluable to us, as was your professionalism throughout the process. We are very happy with our Boston GP-163 piano and recommend Orpheus Music Group to anyone looking for a quality piano”.

--- Melissa and Derek C.

Your professionalism and courteousness to me were outstanding. You gave me time with the piano while I played it and did not rush me in my decision process. I am simply thrilled with my Steinway and feel very privileged to have worked with you! I highly recommend Orpheus Music Group.

--- Beth M. (The U.S. Army Band – Retired)

I came across Orpheus Music Group on Craigslist during my six-month search for a Yamaha grand piano. I almost didn’t contact them because the price for the 1981 Yamaha C3 piano that they were advertising seemed “too good to be true.” I decided to reach out to the owner, Charles Albert, anyway. I am so glad I did! Charles runs a small, top-notch operation that offers a rare blend of professionalism, expertise and fairness in the often confusing and arbitrary world of piano sales. Because it is a small, family-run business, prices are extremely competitive. And you will get a level of attention and care that you may not get in bigger stores.

When I first visited Charles’ shop, the C3 that I was interested in wasn’t ready yet. Still, Charles spent a lot of time with me, discussing my needs and showing me around. I was very impressed by what I saw. Charles’ team had just finished working on a Steinway and a Kawai. They both looked and sounded incredible. What struck me most, however, were the passion and enthusiasm that were being put into the work; the level of attention to detail; and Charles’ indisputable knowledge of pianos and the piano industry. The instruments that Charles selects are completely original—and they remain that way. Charles works with a team of renowned experts to bring those instruments alive again, without altering their soul. I left the shop that day feeling that Charles and his team were the “real deal.”

When the C3 was ready, I went back to Charles’ shop to try it. I brought along an independent tuner for a second opinion. The tuner was as amazed as I was by the condition of the piano. The action was remarkable given the piano’s age, and overall the piano was in fantastic shape, inside and out. It looked gorgeous and sounded even better! When I decided to buy it, Charles and his wife Carolyn spent a long time answering my questions and they arranged for a very smooth delivery of the piano, which was included in the price. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase! I would highly recommend Orpheus to anyone who is serious about buying the best possible piano at the best possible price, and wants absolute peace of mind in the process. Five stars!

---Carola S.

I spent weeks trying to figure what out to do with an organ that would not fit down a flight of stairs, a piano, racks of stereo equipment and bookcases full of CDs and DVDs that had to be moved in order to sell our home. After one site visit, Charles organized multiple teams to professionally pack and remove everything quickly. The staff was incredibly organized and had the tools to move pianos and organs without damaging anything. I received a check the same day and had our home ready to sell - Charles and his staff were amazing!”

---Pam A.

With my mother’s house going to closing, we need to sell her Steinway grand piano quickly. Orpheus Music gave us a great price and had the piano out of house within three days. The actual move took less than 30 minutes. Thank you.

--- Peter S.

I just wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude to Charles not just for helping us find my son's piano, but for the knowledge you continue to share with him and us as well. Your depth of knowledge is astounding and honestly - when we bought our piano we thought we were simply making a purchase but it is so much more than that.

---- Alison K.

Charles Albert came to my home to appraise my 1955 Baldwin baby grand, and I was pleasantly astonished at the depth of knowledge that the man possesses about pianos. Not only was he knowledgeable, but he was prompt, courteous and extremely helpful. I would highly recommend him to anyone who has any type of question about pianos.

---- Renee M

We had an excellent experience. Charles is very knowledge and helped us select the right instrument for our daughter. 

---- Jennifer H.

You couldn't have made a young man happier. He doesn't show excitement over anything, but this....he lit up entirely.

​---- Laura T. ​

Kudos to your shipping department. The equipment arrived in great condition and was better than expected.

---- Mark G.

I would highly recommend Charles to anyone who is selling or buying a musical instrument. He is extremely knowledgeable and spent much time with us to ensure we understood our options. In the midst of consolidating our father's estate, his professionalism was greatly appreciated.

----Tracy K.

Very intelligently packed! Arrived perfectly. Great item" ​

---- Paul P.