About Orpheus Music

 Matching People and Pianos...One at a Time. 

Our Philosophy

We consider ourselves the "anti-piano store". A typical piano store concentrates on high volume and heavy marketing. As a family owned operation, we take a completely different approach. Instead of spending money on sales people and advertising, we concentrate on prepping our pianos to be the best instruments possible.Our pianos speak for themselves. From cleaning the keys and soundboard, to a full regulation and tuning, to hand polishing - each piano has been lovingly prepped and is ready to play for many years. 

People often ask us why we only show pianos by appointment. The answer is very simple - to ensure that you have the opportunity to completely focus on the sound of each piano you play. It is our belief that the best way to pick a piano is to pay careful attention to the sound and feel - without any distractions. 

Carolyn is a member of the Piano Technicians Guild, the industries' professional association and primary educational source. We are one of the few dealers in the country that have been accepted into the Guild due to our commitment to quality. 


Meet Charles 

Charles has been collecting, buying and selling musical equipment since his early teens and has an  encyclopedic knowledge of music and musical instruments. He spent much of his childhood learning at the feet of his uncle,  William Claxton (legendary jazz photographer, founder of the Grammy awards and Pacific Jazz Records), and inherited a deep appreciation of all forms of musical expression. As a young man living in Los Angeles, he literally watched the rock and west coast jazz genres develop attending concerts with his uncle at every chance. Still an avid concert goer, he attends shows ranging from indie rock to opera and classical music. 

After a lengthy career working with several high end manufacturers and then serving as the Director of Used Pianos  for Jordan Kitts Music,Charles founded Orpheus Music Group. He acquired Orpheus Records and expanded this iconic DC store to include a piano division. 


 Feel free to browse our store or give us a call if you are looking for something special, as much of our stock may not be online and our inventory typically turns over very quickly.