Yamaha C3 Grand Piano Ebony Polish

$ 24,999.00
$ 57,999.00

Everyone say hello to “Dante”. That was the name aptly given to him by his previous owner and we think she just nailed it. This C3 is like none other we have ever come across. Much more powerful and assertive than normal, he is rich, brooding, dark and mysterious but with a smoldering flame underneath. Everyone who has sat down to play him has been shocked by how different he is but then utterly captivated. He makes all of my hair stand up on end. Completely built in Japan in 2009 by some of Yamaha’s senior technicians, they gave him the gift of being able to fully resolve even the trickiest passages. Countless hours have been spent perfecting the hammers, strings, and the balance of the damping mechanism, with the final goal of rendering each and every note faithful to the intentions of the pianist. He is not for everyone but someone is going to sit down and the minute their hands touch him they will know, just know, that in their heart this is the one.

Just back from being thoroughly detailed inside and out, the brass gleams, the finish glows and the inside is spotless. A complete regulation, voicing and concert tuning has been performed by one of the area’s best Yamaha technicians and he fairly begs to be played. Finished in ebony polish, he also comes with a Jansen professional adjustable artist bench. Remember that at 6’ 1” he is big so do not try and put him in a small area but give him some room to breathe and look out! New these are now $57,999 which is why our used C3’s always seem to sell so fast but this one will go especially quickly.

 All Orpheus Music Group pianos receive a great deal of care and attention during the preparation process managed by three separate teams of specialists to ensure each piano looks and sounds its best before it is offered for sale. Each team treats the instruments as if it were coming into their own home! For more details, check out our piano preparation process.

Orpheus Music Group piano deliveries still use specialized piano boards and heavy duty pads and covers to protect your piano and floors instead of cheap wooden dollies. Free delivery within 25 miles of 22046 (5 total stairs) is included in all piano prices.

We ask that you schedule a time to come in and hear the difference in our pianos. To schedule an appointment, please call Charles at (703)-534-0200 or email us at charles@orpheusmusicgroup.com.

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