Steinway S Grand Piano Ebony Satin

  • $ 19,999.00
  • Regular price Compare to New $ 65,600.00

Very few Steinway pianos will ever have one owner. For most people, they are a just once-in-a-lifetime purchase to be treasured and pampered, then passed on to the next lucky generation. Such is the case with this beautiful Model S which was lightly used and well maintained by its previous owner. Built in 1996, it has decades of useful life ahead of it. Great tone, touch and warmth abound in this instrument. At 5'1" in length it will perfectly fit into any nook or cranny but features the powerful and rich tone of a much larger piano and was handcrafted using the same materials and techniques that go into making their concert grand pianos. Personally signed by Henry Steinway prior to his death in 2008 and finished in glorious ebony satin with a matching artist bench. Don't scratch your head too long trying to figure out if this one is a great deal or not. New these are now $65,600 so here is an opportunity to own one for a mere pittance, but hurry, hurry or someone else who already has figured it out will be going home with this piano instead of you.

All Orpheus Music Group pianos receive a great deal of care and attention during the preparation process managed by three separate teams of specialists to ensure each piano looks and sounds its best before it is offered for sale. Each team treats the instruments as if it were coming into their own home! For more details, check out our piano preparation process.

All of our pianos come complete with a technical inspection report, a five year warranty and free delivery within 25 miles of McLean, VA.

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